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When Andy Steiger and his wife, Nancy, founded Apologetics Canada in 2010, they were motivated to stop the exodus of young people leaving the church. God however had much more in store. This generation of young people both Christians and non-Christians alike have questions and are seeking truth.  The challenge in Western culture is communicating the message of Jesus in a way that people can understand and appreciate. Sharing the gospel requires us all to understand and speak the language of culture and address the questions being asked with intellectual honesty, gentleness and respect. When we do this in the love and winsomeness of Christ Jesus, lives are impacted and culture is changed.


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Andy Steiger


Andy is the founder and president of Apologetics Canada, dedicated to helping Christian communities grow in their faith and share their hope.

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Steve Kim


Steve is a follower of Christ with a heart for apologetics which he views as the "intellectual care of the soul." He serves from the Edmonton area.

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Troy Lydiate


Troy is a recording artist and public speaker. He joins Apologetics Canada as the Creative Director and Podcast Host.

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Wesley Huff


As a New Testament PhD student, Wesley is the unofficial resident historian of the AC team. He comes with extensive public speaking experience.

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Nancy Steiger


As Andy Steiger’s wife, Nancy has been with Apologetics Canada right from the start. Together they make a great team. She holds the team together with her gift in administration.

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Apologetics Canada partners with various speakers from across Canada and internationally to serve the Church. To invite them to your event, please click the button below to fill out the speaker request form.


Apologetics comes from the Greek word apologia, meaning to give an answer or reason, specifically for Christian truth claims. The Apostle Peter exhorts all Christians to be prepared to give answers and reasons for the hope we have in Christ and to do so with gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15). In other words, apologetics is about Christians understanding what they believe and why, and knowing how to communicate those beliefs effectively. We believe apologetics is a key task of discipleship and for the health and growth of the church. Apologetics is not a new trend but a Christian tradition. It has been a critical task of Christians for millennia and is as important today as ever before.

For answers to frequently asked questions about apologetics, click here.

Apologetics Canada Ministries (ACM) is a registered Canadian charity (#79927 1143 RR0001). Andy Steiger is the founder and president, and the organization is overseen by a board of directors.

View our statement of faith & practice here.

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