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Can a Christian Smoke Marijuana?

Cannabis - more commonly known as marijuana - is being legalized for recreational use both in Canada and the US. As marijuana becomes (or ...
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"He Deserved It": A Tragic Death Exploited

Otto Warmbier, a 22-year-old American college student who was detained by North Korea in early 2016 for "an act of hostility against the regime," ...
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Christians Need Not Apply

In the US and Canada, we live in a secular liberal democracy where every citizen is welcomed to participate in the governance of the ...
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Winsome Persuasion: Interview with Tim Muehlhoff

If you've been paying any attention to social media and the news, you have no doubt noticed the often shrill and angry exchanges. These ...
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FOMO: An Age of Digital Addiction

Have you seen the meme of a little toddler who is crying as she tries to get out of her crib at night saying, ...
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Leaving Mormonism: Interview with an Apostate

What would it take a Mormon to forsake her faith? Andy and Steve had an opportunity to speak with Sandra Morley, a (technically still) ...
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No Child Left Behind: A Culture of Narcissism

"Now with this ring, I me wed." Imagine saying something like that at a traditional wedding. There is something of a trend that is ...
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Life Hacks: An Interview with Jon Morrison

Those of you who have been with the AC Podcast from the beginning will recognize the voice of Jon Morrison. If you've been missing ...
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Bill Nye’s March for Scientism

On April 22, 2017, the Earth Day, rallies took place around the globe in some 600 cities - the March for Science. In the ...
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An Interview with "Stephen Hawking"

If you are a regular listener, you listened to our very special interview with "Stephen Hawking." Did it sound like a smooth interview? In ...
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13 Reasons Why: Let’s Talk

Often, we don't need to go after hard topics. They have a way of intruding into our lives. The popular (and controversial) show 13 ...
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Your Brain on Religion

Images of a brain scan with the blotches of various colours are familiar to many of us. We may have seen what brain scans ...
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