How Jesus Restores Our Humanity in a Dehumanized World

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We live in an era of polarizing political and religious disagreement. Despite the lip service our society pays to tolerance, it's becoming more and more difficult to look past our differences and to recognize our common humanity. The way that we treat each other is a direct result of how we see one another, and our culture is full of warning signs that we aren't seeing each other correctly.

In his book, Reclaimed, Andy Steiger points to Jesus as the basis for rediscovering our common ground and our shared humanity. In Jesus we find not only that humans are unique, valuable, and bearers of rights and responsibilities, but also that our dehumanizing tendencies--our worst inclinations toward inhumanity--can be redeemed and restored. Jesus enables us to be fully human, and it's in him that we rediscover the kind of relationships and society for which so many people today are longing.

Watch the award-winning companion video series
The Human Project

What People are Saying about Reclaimed


"This book will stimulate your thinking, engage your imagination, and ultimately change the way you see others and even how you view yourself!"

- Lee Strobel, New York Times bestselling author

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"Reclaimed is a timely reminder that how we see people affects how we treat them. I highly recommend this book."

- Pastor Jongrak Lee, Jusarang Church Community, as featured in The Drop Box documentary


"Andy lays it out so clearly: Humanization leads to compassion. If we follow the life of Jesus, compassion leads to healing and that is what we need in our world today."

- Jenny Konkin, president & cofounder, Whole Way House Society


"This book opens the gate to reclaim our birthright as a people of God, made in his image."

- Chief Kenny Blacksmith, founder & executive director, Gathering Nations International


"Written in a very accessible manner, this book needs to be on the shelf of every Christian thinker."

- George Yancey, Professor of Sociology, Baylor University


About Andy

Andy Steiger is the founder and president of Apologetics Canada, an organization dedicated to helping churches across Canada better understand and engage today’s culture. Most recently, he wrote the book Reclaimed: How Jesus Restores Our Humanity in a Dehumanized World. This book was preceded by The Human Project video series. In 2018, The Human Project debuted at film festivals around the world and won a number of awards including Best Short Film and People's Choice. He also created and hosted The Thinking Series and is the author of Thinking? Answering Life’s Five Biggest Questions. Andy speaks on these topics internationally at universities, conferences, churches, prisons and coffee shops. He is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Andy is originally from Portland, Oregon and currently lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia with his wife, Nancy, and their boys.

For media inquiries, contact:
Nancy - [email protected]

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