Staring MAiD in the Face: A Personal Story of End-of-Life Care

Since the Supreme Court of Canada first opened the door to so-called MAiD (medical assistance in dying), the door has opened ever wider. It’s coming to the point where Canada is becoming extreme in her eagerness to offer death as an option to those who are suffering, tempered only by—at least, in theory—respect for the patient’s autonomy. In this week’s edition of the AC Podcast, Steve sat down with Mike Schouten, the Director of Advocacy for ARPA Canada, to put a human face to what can often be talked about in abstraction. Join us this week to hear from Mike how his family navigated the last days of a loved one and how this impacted their view on doctor-assisted death.

Deception! The Craft of Satan

Deception, an aspect of the Fall of Man, receives comparatively little attention, yet it has the potential to exercise one of the most far-reaching influences in our lives from social media posts to adverts on TV to financial investments, even to our relationships, down to what we believe about reality, the world, life, death, and God! Join Andy Steiger as he sits down with Author Lee N. Emerson to discuss his book “Deception!” and hat the Bible has to say about the subject in relation to our culture past and present.

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