Loving the Lord With All Your Heart, Soul, Strength and….Mind?: Reflections of ETS

The importance of loving God with our hearts has never really come into question for the believer. Even the Christian who wrestles with an emotional relationship with Jesus will still likely admit that a devotion to Christ is at the foundation of our faith. Yet, when it comes to loving the Lord with our minds, biblical academia has often been seen as far too daunting for the average believer to properly appreciate. Andy, Steve, Wes and Troy, while on location at the Evangelical Theological Society Conference have a conversation about the important of a healthy diet of study and practical relationship with Jesus.

Did God Really Say…?: Addressing Questions of Biblical Inspiration

Inspiration of Scripture — the idea that God breathed out Scripture through human authors — is something Evangelical Christians would be happy to affirm. It speaks both to its source and authority. And yet, our defense of it rarely goes beyond the mere citation of 2 Timothy 3:16. The AC team came together on this week’s edition of the AC Podcast to talk about the inspiration of Scripture more intentionally by taking questions from a young adult.

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