The Promises and Perils of AI

As we countdown to our upcoming ACLE “In AI We Trust,” Andy Steiger sits down with computer programming friend, Ryan Vandendyck. Founder and CEO of Eden Industries and City Lead for Faith Tech Vancouver Ryan offers insight and perspective as to the perils and positives of artificial intelligence.

The Ultimate Companion?: BMW’s Vision of a Digital Soul

BMW recently unveiled its newest concept car called the BMW I Vision Dee. Among a plethora of incredible features such as it’s colour changing ability, augmented reality windows and the fact that..”she” talks. There are definitely some red flags that have driven themselves into view. Buckle up as Andy, Steve and Troy discuss the implications of a vehicle with a Digital Soul, and where this drive towards the Digital Emotional Experience could really be taking us.

Idle Church: The Balance Between Apathy and Idolatry

The modern church design, many would argue pales in comparison to that of the churches of past centuries. From tapestries, stain glass windows and limestone statues the level of detail at least for the aesthetic puts many of today’s churches to shame. Yet the question remains, how is it that something with such rich architecture could fall to becoming nothing more a museums? Join the team of Andy, Steve, Troy and Wes as they discuss the pros and cons of the modernization of the church via technology and innovation.

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