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Our first AC Leadership Summit in Ontario was a great success. Save the date for the next Leadership Summit Ontario.

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Logo - Leadership Summit 24

Save the Date!

May 3-5, 2024

What is it?

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The Ontario Leadership Summit

The Leadership Summit seeks to bring together aspiring Christian leaders from across Canada, for an incredible weekend of networking and equipping. This is an opportunity for young professionals and student leaders aged 19-30 to meet one another and grow together as Christian leaders.

Join us in the outdoor beauty that Ontario has to offer, where you can enjoy fellowship and growth.


Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

What People Are Saying

"The leadership summit was an answer to prayer in my life for encouragement and increased love for God. From the group of attendees, to the sessions, to the authentic and joyful worship evening, to the relaxed setting, all of it inspired me to refocus on the Lord and the ministry that He’s given me. It was filled with encouragement to be obedient in the current moment instead of constantly looking for different ways to serve and becoming discontent."

“Apologetics Canada's leadership Summit was such a formative weekend that felt too short in the best way possible! It's easy to feel alone and isolated in our different contexts of leadership and ministry. This weekend was an encouraging reminder that God is moving and at work in the lives of so many other like-minded leaders with a heart for God and for people. From the sessions to the worship and morning prayers, God was clearly stirring something in the hearts of attendees there. I am excited to see the ripple effects of this Summit as it spreads out from our different circles of influence and into this world.”

“This Leadership Summit has provided 3 key things for my flourishing: community, fellowship, and biblically sound, Christo-centric teaching. The speakers are caring, genuine, down-to-earth with great insight, knowledge and experience: real experts with real spirituality. The participants come open to learn and can make for great conversation partners and contacts. I would most highly recommend the Apologetics Canada Leadership Summit to any and everyone, especially for young Christian leaders who want to be equipped with the tools to be effective in this world!”

"It is incredible how much encouragement, wisdom, and fun fit into only one weekend. Thank you, Apologetics Canada! ❤"

“Thank you for your leadership! Enjoyed the talks and I look forward to other events/ volunteering opportunities and study sessions with Apologetics Canada”



Wesley Huff

Central Canada Director

Wesley Huff was born in Multan, Pakistan and spent a portion of his childhood in the Middle East. After being diagnosed with a rare neurological condition at the age of 11 that left him paralyzed from the waist down he experienced a miraculous recovery that the doctors themselves said they had no medical explanation for. This experience, along with a great deal of study and soul searching in his later teens helped his interest in the subjects of faith, and engaging the beliefs and worldview perspectives of others. Wesley holds a BA in sociology from York University, a Masters of Theological Studies from Tyndale Seminary, and is currently a PhD student in New Testament at the University of Toronto's Wycliffe College. He has participated in numerous talks and interfaith dialogue events at universities across Canada and has been participating in public dialogues on issues of faith, belief, and religion for the last ten years. (His wealth of material can be found at He enjoys canoeing, archery, and cats (although not all three at the same time). Wes lives in Toronto with his wife Melissa, their son Eli, and their daughters Everly and Juliette.


Troy Lydiate

Creative Director

Troy Lydiate is a Jamaican-born recording artist (Scribe Music), speaker and mentor. With a BA in Social Sciences from Providence University, his professional background is Youth Support Working and thus, he naturally finds himself working with youth, young adults, and college ages in ministry. Troy works as the Creative Director and oversees Youth Engagement with Apologetics Canada. He can also be heard weekly as one of the hosts of the AC Podcast. Troy has a background in speaking at conferences, concerts, and schools as well as preaching, teaching, and leading worship at ministerial events. He is currently serving in leadership at his local church in the Greater Vancouver area alongside his wife and two children.


This year's AC Leadership Summit Ontario will take place at Camp Medeba just to the east of the Muskoka District, about 2.5 hours' drive north of Toronto.

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