Apologetics Canada's mission is to equip the Christian community with a biblically sound, intellectually robust, and culturally engaged faith.


Do you want to better understand the gospel and how to share your faith in today’s culture? Join us on August 24th for dinner and coaching.

Join us on Sunday, September 25 to hear from two physicians why freedom of conscience is important not only for healthcare professionals but for all.

Did you know that Apologetics Canada is working on a new video resource? This 3-part video series will explore our personal, communal, and spiritual identity.


The Thinking Series is a five-part video resource that tackles the top five questions our culture is asking today.

This four-part series explores our humanity with culturally significant questions concerning who and what we are.

These beautifully illustrated children’s books are designed to capture your child’s imagination while teaching them Biblical truths about what it means to be human.

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