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AC Literary Expedition is an initiative by Apologetics Canada to bring people together virtually to explore ideas in their historical context. Take in the reading and audiovisual material and join us online for a time of discussion. You can participate by speaking up or simply by observing.

The Gospel According to TikTok


Who is Jesus? And how do we know that what we read about in the biblical Gospels is an accurate portrayal of that Jesus?

This may seem like an odd question, but it’s connected to many important issues surrounding the Bible. Is the Christianity practiced today the same as the one believed and practiced by the Apostles? What if what we think of as Christianity today is just the result of the theological winners? After all, what about the Gnostics, Docetics, Ebionites, and Marcionites? They wrote their own gospels and none of those ended up in the Bible. What is gnosticism, anyway, and what does it have to do with Jesus?

Wes and Steve held another round of the AC Literary Expedition on Sunday, November 26th. They looked at select videos from TikTok and other social media platforms, weighed their claims, and used them as a jumping board for a time of discussion and Q&R about the Bible and early Christianity.

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In AI We Trust?
A Christian Understanding of Technology


"Embark on a thought-provoking webinar exploring the dialogue between artificial intelligence (AI) and Christian theology. Navigate the complexities of AI through a Christian framework, emphasizing love, compassion, and justice. Uncover potential pitfalls such as privacy, bias, and human dignity while discovering how AI can align with God's redemptive purposes. Join us in bridging technology and theology for a compassionate and meaningful future."

- Generated by ChatGPT

Join us on Sunday, August 27 for a time of learning, discussion, and asking questions. To register, go to the event page.

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Cleaning Up the Mess of
the Sexual Revolution


The Sexual Revolution is something of a historical icon. This revolution set women free to become all they could be in society. Through contraception, abortion, divorce, and more, women could finally secure an opportunity to stand as equal to men.

So we were sold this ideology.

Ironically, this symbol of social progress has instead broken down families and brought misery to millions. Who are the victims of the Sexual Revolution? How has the State sold and driven this movement? What can the Church offer the world that the State cannot?

The AC Literary Expedition is back to explore these questions and more. Our special guest, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute will walk us through the impact of the Sexual Revolution and the role of the Church in standing against the tide.

Join us on Sunday, April 23 for a time of learning, discussion, and asking questions. To register, go to the event page.

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Doctor-Assisted Suicide
& Canada's Crisis of Conscience


Freedom of conscience. It sounds like an abstract concept, but Canadians have recently been confronted with its growing importance. From government mandates to the right to protest and civil disobedience, people are realizing why it's important to protect this fundamental freedom guaranteed by the Canadian Charter.

Historically and currently, healthcare professionals have been, and are, on the frontlines of this fight. There is a crisis of conscience in medical communities across Canada and globally that must be understood. Since the landmark Carter decision by the Supreme Court of Canada in 2015, many Canadian medical professionals are pressured into participating in doctor-assisted suicide and euthanasia on pain of losing their ability to practice medicine.

Is it ethical to provide or receive doctor-assisted suicide? What exactly are physicians being asked to do, why do some object, and why does it matter?

On Sunday, September 25, 2022, we heard from two doctors what is at stake not only for them but for all Canadians. Check out the recording and recommended resources here.

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The End of the World as We Know It?


From a dragon coming up out of the sea and four horsemen bringing disaster, to a dazzling throne room with strange-looking beasts flying around, the Book of Revelation has puzzled readers for as long as it has been around. Put ten people in a room and you can get a dozen different interpretations of it. What is an apocalypse? Should we read it literally or symbolically? What are some of the major interpretations of Revelation, and what are their strengths and weaknesses?

Join us on Sunday, June 26 to survey a book of the Bible that is known for being notoriously difficult to understand..

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1984: Prophetic or Pathetic?
Exploring Orwell's Warnings to the Future


George Orwell’s work, 1984, has been receiving renewed attention as of late. From political correctness to various bills the have recently been passed, and of course, to COVID-related public health regulations, many are concerned that Orwell’s warnings are going unheeded. 

Join us on Sunday, March 27 to discuss the themes from a work that is sure to make you think. 

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Christianity and Science
Exploring How Their Story Began


As it turns out, the relationship between Christianity and science is a lot more complex than what we have come to believe in post-Enlightenment West. On this expedition, you will find that the Dark Ages weren't so dark after all, and Christianity has made important contributions to the development of science.

This ACLE session was held on November 7th, 2021. Click the above image or the link below to view or listen to the recording.

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Discussing Progressive Christianity


There is a brand of Christianity that distinguishes itself from historic Christianity. It questions, and even rejects, traditionally-held Christian doctrines. Known as Progressive Christianity, adherents hold that the Christian faith is not static but dynamic, evolving through the varying historical climate and maturing into what it's truly meant to be. Some claim that it's a legitimate sect of Christianity, while others reject it as having gone too far outside the bounds of what can properly be considered Christianity.

This ACLE session was held on June 27th, 2021. Click the above image or the link below to view or listen to the recording.

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Discussing Critical Race Theory
and Biblical Unity


In our culture today, there is a lot of discussion around race and racism. One topic that has been gaining much attention is Critical Race Theory. It’s found everywhere: in the government, the media, the university, and the church.

This ACLE session was held on May 6th, 2021. Click the above image or the link below to view or listen to the recording.

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The Annihilation of Man and
Unpublished Polanyi Papers


In a follow-up to the previous AC Literary Expedition where we examined C. S. Lewis' book, The Abolition of Man, we examine Leslie Allen Paul's similarly-titled book, The Annihilation of Man. We also examine some unpublished papers of Michael Polanyi, the Hungarian-American chemist and philosopher. Both of these men offered similar critique of the secular worldview as Lewis did, where the human is reduced to colliding particles and traditional morality is rejected.

This ACLE session was held on March 16th, 2021. Click the above image or the link below to view or listen to the recording.

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The Abolition of Man


C.S. Lewis was a prescient man. He observed the culture around him and saw where it would lead. In his The Abolition of Man, Lewis critiques the kind of materialistic and secular worldview that would have us detached from traditional morality and reinvent what it means to be human.

This ACLE session was held on February 21st, 2021. Click the above image or the link below to view or listen to the recording.

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