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AC Literary Expedition is a new initiative by Apologetics Canada to bring people together virtually to explore ideas in their historical context.

There is a brand of Christianity that distinguishes itself from historic Christianity. It questions, and even rejects, traditionally-held Christian doctrines. Known as Progressive Christianity, adherents hold that the Christian faith is not static but dynamic, evolving through the varying historical climate and maturing into what it's truly meant to be. Some claim that it's a legitimate sect of Christianity, while others reject it as having gone too far outside the bounds of what can properly be considered Christianity.

Join us on June 27th, for our next AC Literary Expedition as we examine Progressive Christianity. Take in the reading and audiovisual material below and join us online for a time of discussion. You can participate by speaking up or simply by observing.

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Sunday, June 27, 2021 | 4-6 PM PT

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Discussing Progressive Christianity
Sunday, June 27, 2021 | 4-6 PM PT

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