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Freedom of conscience. It sounds like an abstract concept, but Canadians have recently been confronted with its growing importance. From government mandates to the right to protest and civil disobedience, people are realizing why it's important to protect this fundamental freedom guaranteed by the Canadian Charter.

Healthcare professionals, historically and currently, are on the frontlines of this fight. There is a crisis of conscience in medical communities across Canada and globally that must be understood. Since the landmark Carter decision by the Supreme Court of Canada in 2015, many Canadian medical professionals are pressured into participating in doctor-assisted suicide and euthanasia on pain of losing their ability to practice medicine.

Is it ethical to provide or receive doctor-assisted suicide? What exactly are physicians being asked to do, why do some object, and why does it matter?

The AC Literary Expedition is back to explore these questions and more. Hear from two doctors what is at stake not only for them but for all Canadians. Check out any of the recommended resources below, and join us on Sunday, September 25 for a time of learning, discussion, and asking questions.

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The Session is Now Done!

Doctor-Assisted Suicide &
Canada's Crisis of Conscience

Sunday, September 25, 2022
4-6 PM PT | 7-9 PM ET

with Special Guests

Ewan Goligher, MD, PhD

Ewan Goligher SQ 1200

Raphael Samuel, MD

Raphael Samuel SQ 1200

hosted by

Andy Steiger


Podcast Interview

MAiD in Canada: The Legal and Social Pressure of Assisted Suicide

Interview with Larry Worthen, Executive Director of Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA)

Special Guests

Ewan Goligher SQ 1200

Ewan Goligher, MD, PhD

Critical Care Physician
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Ewan Goligher is a physician-scientist practicing intensive care medicine. He writes and speaks on faith, science, suffering, ethics, and conscience.
Raphael Samuel SQ 1200

Raphael Samuel, MD

Christian Apologist
By presenting evidence for the coherence of the Christian worldview, Raphael aims to help both the believer and the skeptic.
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