Are there good reasons to take the Bible seriously? Can we have confidence that it hasn't been altered, adapted, influenced, and edited since its last book was penned nearly two thousand years ago? Check out our latest video series to explore these important questions.

Apologetics Canada is working on a new 3-part video series to provide discussion and direction as we build our identity on a Biblical foundation that can weather the storms of life..

This four-part series explores our humanity with culturally significant questions concerning who and what we are. This resource can be used by church leaders and lay people alike to host weekly discussions.

The Thinking Series is a five-part video resource that tackles the top five questions our culture is asking today. This resource comes with everything you need to facilitate the discussions in various settings.


In Reclaimed, Andy Steiger explores these trends and points to Jesus as the basis for rediscovering our shared humanity.

Andy provides an engaging, honest, and understandable approach to life’s five biggest questions that will challenge your view of the world and how you live in it.


This beautifully illustrated children’s books are designed to capture your child’s attention while teaching them Biblical truths about what it means to be human.

Delve into the questions of our humanity in a kid-friendly podcast series hosted by Rachel and Reece.


What happens when God is removed from the universe, life, relationship, and morality? Go deeper in your understanding of the Christian worldview with this theological anthropology course we offer.

We offer an introductory apologetics online course based on the Thinking Series. It can be taken for personal enjoyment or for credit with Columbia Bible College.


The images below are a sample of infographics created by Wesley Huff.
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Council of Nicaea

Bible Translations

Christian Scriptures

The Trinity



Apologetic Evangelism



A Christian’s Pocket Guide to How We Got the Bible by Gregory R. Lanier

God’s Bible Timeline: The big book of biblical history by Linda Finlayson

Why I Trust the Bible: Answers to Real Questions and Doubts People Have About the Bible by Bill D. Mounce

Truth in a Culture of Doubt: Engaging Skeptical Challenges to the Bible by Andreas J. Kostenberger, Darrell L. Block, and Josh Chartra

Can We Trust the Gospels? by Peter J. Williams

Hidden in Plain View: Undesigned Coincidences in the Gospels and Acts by Lydia McGrew

Can We Still Believe the Bible?: An Evangelical Engagement with Contemporary Questions by Craig Blomberg

Authorized: The Use and MIsuse of the King James Bible by Mark Ward

The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? by F.F. Bruce


Scribes and Scripture: The Amazing Story of How We Got the Bible by John Meade and Peter Gury

The King James Only Controversy: Can you Trust Modern Translations? by James White

The Canon of Scripture by F.F. Bruce

The New Testament Documents: Are they Reliable? by FF Bruce

The Mirror and the Mask: Liberating the Gospels from Literary Devices by Lydia McGrew

The Question of Canon: Challenging the Status Quo in the New Testament Debate by Michael J. Kruger

Canon Revisited: Establishing the Origins and Authority of the New Testament Books by Michael J. Kruger

The Heresy of Orthodoxy: How Contemporary Culture's Fascination with  Diversity Has Reshaped Our Understanding of Early Christianity by Michael J. Kruger

The Origin of the Bible by Philip W. Comfort


Jesus and the Eyewitnesses: The Gospels as Eyewitness Testimony by Richard Bauckham

Myths and Mistakes in New Testament Textual Criticism by Elijah Hixson, Peter Gurry and Dan Wallace

Jesus and the Manuscripts: What We Can Learn from The Oldest Texts by Craig Evans

Ethics & the Problem of Pain/Evil


The Blackwell Companion to Natural Theology eds. William Lane Craig & J. P. Moreland

Two Dozen (or So) Arguments for God eds. Jerry L. Walls & Trent Dougherty

Finite and Infinite Goods: A Framework for Ethics by Robert M. Adams

God and Moral Obligation by C. Stephen Evans

Real Ethics: Reconsidering the Foundations of Morality by John M. Rist

Warranted Christian Belief by Alvin Plantinga

LGBTQ+ Issues


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