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Prophetic or Pathetic
Prophetic or Pathetic (1920 × 1080 px)


AC Literary Expedition is an initiative by Apologetics Canada to bring people together virtually to explore ideas in their historical context.

George Orwell’s work, 1984, has been receiving renewed attention as of late. From political correctness to various bills the have recently been passed, and of course, to COVID-related public health regulations, many are concerned that Orwell’s warnings are going unheeded. Terms like “Orwellian” are thrown “across the aisle” both ways.

But what does it mean for something to be “Orwellian?”

Are we heading towards a totalitarian dystopia? Or is this overreaction? Is Orwell’s 1984 prophetic or pathetic? If it’s prophetic, how do we stop ourselves from colliding into the dystopia? Above all, how can Christians be more thoughtful and nuanced from a biblical worldview in processing the insights we can learn from 1984?

Join us on Sunday, March 27 to discuss various themes from a work that is sure to make you think. Take in the reading and audiovisual material below and join us online for a time of discussion. You can participate by speaking up or simply by observing.

NOTE: 1984 includes some sexual material that may not be appropriate for all ages. Discretion is advised for all participants.

Reading & Audiovisual Material

The Recording

1984: Prophetic or Pathetic?
Exploring Orwell's Warnings to the Future

Sunday, March 27, 2022
4-6 PM PT | 7-9 PM ET

Main Session

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