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ACLE April 2023


The Sexual Revolution is something of a historical icon. This revolution set women free to become all they could be in society. Through contraception, abortion, divorce, and more, women could finally secure an opportunity to stand as equal to men.

So we were sold this ideology.

Ironically, this symbol of social progress has instead broken down families and brought misery to millions. Who are the victims of the Sexual Revolution? How has the State sold and driven this movement? What can the Church offer the world that the State cannot?

This round of AC Literary Expedition explored these questions and more. Our special guest, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute, walked us through the impact of the Sexual Revolution and the role of the Church in standing against the tide.

The event is now done, but enjoy the resources and the recordings available on this page!


The Session is Now Done!

Cleaning Up the Mess of the Sexual Revolution

Sunday, April 23, 2023
4-6 PM PT | 7-9 PM ET

with Special Guest

Jennifer Roback Morse, PhD
Founder | Ruth Institute

Jennifer Roback Morse
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