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Alanzo Paul


Alanzo is an international speaker with extensive public speaking experiences. He is passionate about making sense of life through the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Born and raised in Calgary, AB, Alanzo Julian Paul became a Christian in 2009 after wrestling with drug addiction (opiates) for over a decade.

Before full-time ministry Alanzo worked in the Oil & Gas sector where he held a corporate position for several years before entering the e-commerce world. In what was Alanzo’s first private sector venture as an entrepreneur, he and his wife founded a men’s grooming brand. Concurrently, Alanzo has always been particularly passionate about engaging with student’s questions about God. For over a decade, he has spoken to crowds of youth around the world and mentored many young people over the years.

When Alanzo entered into full-time apologetics ministry in Oxford, he focused on speaking about the big questions of life like the existence of God, meaning, suffering/evil, and much more. Over the years, he has spoken at prison, churches, universities, and schools all over Canada, the United Kingdom, and continental Europe.

Alanzo has a deep love of the arts; from childhood he has had a love for poetry. After his conversion to Christianity, he wrote a book of poetry called “An Ethereal Walk with God.” Alanzo is likewise passionate about cinema. He has done background acting in nearly a dozen films and T.V. shows and can be found on both Netflix and Apple TV (iTunes).

Alanzo has a degree in theology (BTh.) from the University of Oxford and is currently working on his MA in theology at the University of Toronto. He now lives in British Columbia with his wife Khadija.

Alanzo on AC Podcast: When Grace is Sufficient: A Conversation with Alanzo Paul

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