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Melanie Beerda


As an Addictions Support Worker and Youth Worker specializing with at-risk-youth, Melanie has had the privilege of walking alongside some of the most incredible warriors of hope—those that have experienced abuse, exploitation, addiction, broken relationships, resentment towards God, and mental health challenges—the ones that society claims are too far gone. Melanie has watched the impossible unfold before her eyes, as God has moved in the lives of the people around her.

From her work and personal experience, Melanie has discovered a common thread of the misrepresentation of God among society as a whole. Many people struggle with understanding who God is, which leads them to resent Him and those that identify as Christians. This realization catapulted Melanie into ministry, with the intention of empowering burnt out Christians to rekindle their faith. When we wear the label of Christian, we represent the God we serve – we are responsible for representing Him well.

Melanie is currently writing a Christian non-fiction book, facilitating a women’s weekly Bible Study, hosting a monthly Ladies’ Night, and serving at church as a greeter, a member of the Women’s Ministry Leadership Team and as a table leader for the Questioning Christianity course. She is also a volunteer with Search and Rescue as a Team Leader, Swiftwater Rescue Technician, Boat Operator, and Lead Ground Search and Rescue Instructor.

Melanie starts every morning with a cup of coffee and the word of God, setting her feet on His foundation and preparing her heart for the day. As a wife and mom of two children, she enjoys exploring God's creation with her kids, by hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, and camping as a family.


Specialty: Addiction & Recovery, Identity, Spiritual Care

Leading with Integrity

If God, Why Suffering?

Understanding Addiction & Recovery

Identity in the World vs Identity in Christ

Help! My Teen is Deconstructing

Rekindled Faith
Empowering Burnt-Out Christian

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