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Max Jeganathan

Priyan "Max" Jeganathan

Centre for Public Christianity

Max is a Senior Research Fellow at CPX (Australia's Centre for Public Christianity) and an Adjunct Speaker for OCCA The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, where he helps lead 'Thinking Faith,' OCCA's cultural apologetics project. A former lawyer and political & policy adviser, Max was educated at the Australian National University and the University of Oxford and is undertaking a PhD in Law. He writes and speaks on the intersection between faith, culture, economics, finance, technology and moral reasoning. Max has spoken in businesses, universities and political institutions, including Samsung, Lego, Goldman Sachs and Amazon. He loves movies, good wine with his wife Fiona and making his kids laugh.


Specialty: Cultural intersections of faith,
technology, politics, economics and finance

Why Bother with God if I'm Happy?

Navigating the Next Clash of Civilisations

Making Sense of Crypto, Fintech and the Metaverse

Artificial Intelligence and the Search for Utopia

Black Swans and Forecasting in an Age of Uncertainty

Climate Change and Energy Security: Clairity in the Culture Wars

Re-thinking Justice in an Age of Outrage

The Audacity of Sacrifice

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