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Rachel Mackenzie


Rachel is an elementary school teacher and Instructional Coach who co-authors children's books with Andy Steiger, and helps produce children's resources for AC.

Rachel is currently completing her Masters of Education, focused on Christian Education and Instructional Coaching. She works as an Instructional Coach where she mentors her teaching colleagues and provides Professional Development workshops for teaching staff. Her work focuses on supporting teachers and parents in learning how to integrate a Biblical perspective into the conversations they are having with their students. She has spoken to both teachers and parents with practical ideas of how to raise children to develop habits of thinking that allow them to engage in apologetics from a young age.

She is the co-author of The Human Project for Kids books, What Am I? and What Am I Worth? and co-hosts topical podcast episodes with Troy Lydiate and some of her students with the goal of sparking conversations amongst families and encouraging children to think through their big questions about God, themselves and relationships with others.

Rachel lives in Surrey, BC and enjoys exploring the mountains whenever possible.

Rachel on THPK Podcast: The Human Project for Kids Podcast


Specialty: Children, Parents, Education

Keeping the Bible Bizarre for Kids

The Human Project for Kids

  • What Am I?
  • What Am I Worth?
  • What's the Best Way to Live?
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