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Endorsement - Andy Bannister

Dr. Andy Bannister

Director | Solas Centre for Public Christianity
Apologetics Canada (AC) is a brilliant and much needed organisation in the Canadian landscape, helping equip Christians to feel more confident in their faith to share the gospel with friends, neighbours, and colleagues. Over the years I have had the privilege of speaking at several AC events whilst at Solas we have also used Andy Steiger as a guest contributor to our digital content — he is a very gifted speaker and writer. For the 15 years I have known them, I have been deeply impressed by all of the AC team — their deep commitment to the gospel, integrity, professional, and hard work over the years has been inspiring to watch.
Endorsement - Rod Bergen

Rod Bergen

President | Power to Change (2013-2021)
Power to Change participated in a joint venture with Apologetics Canada to create The Human Project video series which dealt with some important issues related to what it means to be human. Andy Steiger and his team, working in collaboration with P2C Films, produced a first class end product that not only dealt with the issues in a way that was culturally relevant but also won a number of awards. Apologetics Canada has also worked collaboratively with P2C Students on a variety of campuses across Canada. I continue to personally support the ministry of Apologetics Canada and would have no reservations in recommending the important work that Apologetics Canada continues to do.
Endorsement - John Engels

John Engels

National Coordinator | SERVE Campus Network
The Apologetics Canada (AC) team has been a great friend to SERVE Campus Network speaking among our 45 post-secondary ministries in Canada. Andy is a frequent and highly trusted communicator which we look forward to having again at our January 2023 BC student conference. AC brings solid scriptural and academic teaching, which inspires students to share more confidently the what, and why of their faith in Christ.
Endorsement - Joshua Dool

Joshua Dool

Pastor | Praxis Church
We worked with Apologetics Canada to put on a conference aimed at engaging university students in the fall of 2022. We were thrilled with both the quality of the presentations and the way those attending engaged with it. The post secondary educational institutes are a mission field that desperately needs engagement, and we look forward to finding more ways to partner together in the future.
Endorsement - Bill Hogg

Dr. Bill Hogg

National Director | Message Canada
Apologetics Canada is helping God’s people across Canada pursue a discipleship of the mind and equipping the Church to offer the hope of the gospel in the Canadian mission fields. I am excited to be partnering with AC in equipping leaders “to do the work of an evangelist” and in serving and supporting churches in sharing the gospel. We recently collaborated in How To Talk About Jesus. This event drew 250 people – in the middle of summer – eager to share their faith. We are looking forward to offering How To Talk About Jesus seminars across Canada and praying into how Apologetics Canada and Message Canada can link arms in equipping the whole Church to take the whole gospel to the whole world.
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Mark Burch

Lead Pastor | Northview Community Church
Apologetics Canada is filling a much needed role for the Canadian church in providing top-shelf resources to equip and train our people for the "works of ministry" that occupy the majority of their 24/7 lives. The ability to "give an answer for the hope that is within you" in today's marketplace, school and neighborhood, amidst the cultural moment we are living in, may be the greatest opportunity for effective evangelism that the church has. Andy Steiger has a heart for the "capital C" Church across Canada as well as the local church. He and his family are actively engaged in serving locally, which sadly, is not always the case for para-church leaders. Andy is currently leading a "Questioning Christianity" course here at Northview that has been very well received by Christians and pre-Christians alike. Northview has also had the privilege of hosting the annual Apologetics Canada Conference for several years, and has benefited immensely from the world-class speakers and resources that AC puts in front of our people. Finally, Andy is a man of personal integrity who loves his family, his church, and the lost! May his tribe increase!
Endorsement - Bryan Born

Dr. Bryan Born

President | Columbia Bible College
Having Andy Steiger address key cultural and theological concerns in his Apologetics course has been a tremendous boost for Columbia Bible College. Tackling tough questions, and providing students with clear biblical teaching is helping lay a solid foundation in a time of considerable cultural change and confusion. We so appreciate Apologetics Canadas many contributions to the Columbia community.
Endorsement - Jon Rendall

Jon Rendall

Staff Speaker | Faith Beyond Belief
I had an incredible time interning with Andy Steiger. Apologetics Canada was my formal introduction to Apologetics ministry and I received valuable teaching and instruction as well as hands-on experience. I’m thankful I could spend this formative time working with Andy and Apologetics Canada.
Endorsement - Arthur Howard

Rev. Arthur Howard

Pastor | Evangelical Chinese Bible Church
I have had the privilege of partnering with Apologetics Canada (AC) for the past 12 years. The AC Team are able to clearly communicate the Gospel to this generation by addressing the questions people have today about Jesus Christ. As the former director of University Christian Ministry at the University of British Columbia and now currently as the point pastor of the English Service at Evangelical Chinese Bible Church, I can say that AC has been key to our evangelistic outreaches.
Endorsement - Kevin Thiessen

Kevin Thiessen

Dean of Students | Briercrest College & Seminary
First off, I’m a big fan of Apologetics Canada. I’ve had the privilege of partnering with AC since 2016, first in my role as Outreach and Missions Pastor at Central Baptist Church in Victoria, BC, where we hosted multiple events for youth and adults. Thankfully, our partnership continues in my new role as Dean of Students at Briercrest College and Seminary.
Endorsement - Trent Erickson

Trent Erickson

Immerse Coordinator | Northview Community Church
Apologetics Canada has been a ministry friend and valued resource for Northview Community Church and the Immerse MDIV program. Andy has been a regular guest presenter for our Immerse program since its inception, and his Thinking? seminar is presented with fresh insight and relevant cultural thought to assist our student learners to think deeply and critically as they learn to engage culture winsomely and with theological insight.

Rev. Trevor Gingerich

SERVE Campus Worker | SERVE Campus Network
We feature guest speakers from Apologetics Canada on a regular basis at Humber College. As a campus pastor, I'm always on the lookout for wise teachers who can speak to our cultural moment, help me address some of the issues facing the next generation and communicate the gospel effectively to both believers and non-believers alike. AC has been a godsend in that respect; speakers are always thoughtful, well-prepared and eager to field questions from our students. Ministry in such an overwhelmingly secular context can be challenging, but our partnership with AC helps us fully leverage the unique opportunity we're given to reach this next generation of leaders, right where they are.

Sarah M.

University Student
Sarah recently wrote us as she was having a crisis of faith. She had questions about whether we could trust the Bible. We answered her questions on our podcast. By divine appointment, I just so happened to be sitting beside her in church last week! She introduced herself to me and thanked me for AC's work. I asked if the podcast helped and she said, “Absolutely” and with a big smile continued, “I’m in church, aren’t I?” I asked her for an endorsement and here is what she wrote:

The AC podcast ranges from providing entertainment through interesting topics of conversation to strengthening my faith on a fundamental level. The questions I have that no one has answers for are tackled joyfully and thoughtfully by those on the AC podcast. Because of God’s work through them, I confidently read my Bible knowing this is the true word of God, and history and science can testify to that fact.
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