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Apologetics Canada is a non-profit organization funded and organized by individuals who are passionate about changing lives and culture through Christian apologetics in Canada and around the world.

If this is what you are passionate about, we could use your help.

Help guide the AC Podcast content! Suggest topics or submit current thought-provoking articles you’d like to hear us address on the show.

Host The Thinking Series, The Human Project, or an AC event in your area. You don't have to be an expert in apologetics to start. Ask us how!

Spread the word about Apologetics Canada. Do you enjoy the podcast? Leave a review and share it with a friend. Have you read Andy’s book, Thinking? Leave a review on,, or Goodreads.

Do you fluently speak and write another language? Help us translate Thinking?: Answering Life’s Five Biggest Questions? into more languages to share the Gospel around the world.

Do you have thoughts and ideas about ways to impact your community for Jesus through apologetics? Let’s talk about a formal partnership to find creative ways to work together.

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