If you've been paying any attention to social media and the news, you have no doubt noticed the often shrill and angry exchanges. These are also marked by a very black-and-white outlook on issues that are most likely less than black-and-white. The challenge is exacerbated for those who hold to a minority view, be it climate change, vaccination, or religion. In a culture that seems to have all but lost the ability to disagree, how can Christians begin their conversation with our neighbours? We have Dr. Timothy Muehlhoff, Professor of Communication from Biola University, on the line today to discuss the new book he has co-written with Dr. Richard Langer, Winsome Persuasion: Christian Influence in a Post-Christian World.

Winsome Persuasion: Interview with Tim Muehlhoff

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Winsome Persuasion: Christian Influence in a Post-Christian World by Timothy Muehlhoff and Richard Langer

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Biola University

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