Pull out a pad of paper and pen, put your thinking caps on, and jump into this second half of Steve's interview with Tim Stratton, the executive director of Free Thinking Ministries. What are the two pillars of mere Molinism, and is this view compatible with Arminianism and/or Calvinism? Join us for another edition of the AC Podcast as we explore these theological waters.

Note: This episode is heavier than other episodes. Please take your time and listen to it slowly. We recommend that you write down the syllogism that Tim offers about half-way through the episode so you can refer back to it. Good luck!

Mere Molinism: Reconciling Human Freedom and God’s Foreknowledge

Links & Articles

Free Thinking Ministries Website

Articles responding to the grounding objection by Free Thinking Ministries

The Freethinking Podcast by Free Thinking Ministries


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