Discussing Ravi: Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

When a well-known and beloved Christian minister and evangelist faces allegations of sexual misconduct, what are we to make of it? Allegations have been made by several women working at the spa co-owned by the late Ravi Zacharias. The organization that bears his name, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, opened an investigation. Many listeners of the AC Podcast have been asking for Andy and Steve's input, so they share some thoughts.

Discussing Ravi: Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

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6 thoughts on “Discussing Ravi: Allegations of Sexual Misconduct”

  1. From what I read, the 2017 case re: a married woman sending Ravi nude photographs, RZIM sued her. It was settled out of court with a nondisclusure agreement. Did I hear correctly the speaker saying that RZIM paid the defendant? How could that possibly be known? Couldn’t it just as easily be assumed that the woman paid RZIM in the settlement? Or do you have other evidence? Also, re: spa complaints, did you see the origin of the complaints (Muslim). Why did this surface now after his death when he could not defend himself?

  2. I have a few questionsI have concerning Dr. Max Baker-Hytch’s letter. Why would we take his word over these other men’s? I am not saying what the truth is as I do not know but I definitely have doubts and questions. If these other men such as Ravi, Abdul, Micheal R.,etc were not doing what is right and were being untruthful, why did he not just get out of the system? Why would he want to stay in it? I know absolutely nothing about Dr. Max Baker-Hytch so will not pass judgement by his word. My prayer is that the Lord will bring out the truth. If indeed it is true, i would support no one else again that i know only by radio , televsion, or podcast. I really don’t know why i would, tbh.

    I agree no person is perfect and we do tend to put leaders on pedestals…not good! My big question is if Ravi had these terrible things on his conscience, how did he die the way he did? As far as what I heard ,he kept the faith ,pointing others to Christ only till the end. With men like Abraham and David, God did not allow them to go on. He brought out their sin .


    Thanks Andy and Steve for engaging this hard topic. Now that many things you tiptoed around are less deniable, maybe it would be good to revisit. I appreciate your ending on the note of grief. I think many Christians will be devastated by this news. RZIM is in a difficult position, and seem to have been way too slow to respond in the past. Should they change name? Should they take down all of Ravi’s videos? How can we recommend these videos knowing that Ravi was promoting truth and living a lie? He himself said that Christian leaders need to be held to a higher standard.

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