Progressive Secularism

Many Progressive Christians, over time, come to abandon views that are distinctively Christian. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence for this, from an atheist Christian minister in Toronto to a former Evangelical pastor who holds to views that look more like panentheism than monotheism. Those in conservative Christian circles have long been warning the church about this “progress” out of Christianity. If there are “progressive” people in Christendom, what about our secular counterparts? Are there secular people who are progressing out of secularism and into Christianity? A number of recent articles have picked up on intellectual atheists who are calling for people to hold on to Christianity, attend church, and have the gospel preached. Andy, Steve, and Troy came together to discuss this fascinating trend.

AC Podcast: Is Jordan Peterson Becoming a Christian?

Did Christianity give us our human values? Tom Holland vs AC Grayling from Unbelievable?

The Turning Tide of Intellectual Atheism by Andrew Wilson

The turning tide of intellectual atheism by Jonathon Van Maren

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