Olympics: The Controversy of Competion

This round of the Summer Olympics is kicking off in Tokyo one year late and accompanied by many controversies. The fear of COVID surrounds this global event, particularly as the Delta variant continues to be a concern. Because of this, what was supposed to be a big economic booster is now costing Japan billions of dollars. And this is not all. This year, Japan has to grapple with the complexities that come with allowing transgender athletes. By the way, did you know that Wesley is a track & field buff? Tune in to this week’s edition of the AC Podcast to find out.

Tokyo venues for Olympics will have no spectators; Games will be held under a state of emergency from CNN

Christine Mboma, Beatrice Masilingi Ineligible for Olympics due to Testosterone Level from Bleacher Report

Laurel Hubbard: First transgender athelete to compete at Olympics from BBC

Sha’Carrie Richardson Suspended for One Month After Positive Test for Marijuana from NY Times

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