Finding Freedom from New Age Spirituality Part Two

Last week, we heard from Jennifer what her journey was like being in New Age spirituality. We continue that conversation this week as we hear more about the aftermath of that lifestyle. How did she come to be rescued by Jesus? What happens to a woman who was brainwashed for 20 years? How does one heal from something like that? Are there spiritual doors that Christians may be opening unwittingly? Hear more from Andy and Jennifer’s conversation on this week’s edition of the AC Podcast.

1 thought on “Finding Freedom from New Age Spirituality Part Two”

  1. This was an AMAZING two part episode. Thank you for taking the time to discuss this topic! Many thanks to Jennifer for having the courage to share her story. Will be praying for her.

    As a teenager, I read some pretty dark books (Christopher Pike) and I truly feel like that was a way that I opened up some doors that shouldn’t have been opened. I had always had night terrors growing up, but they did turn into full fledged sleep paralysis episodes. I wasn’t sure if I was hallucinating or was being attacked by demons. It would call out to Jesus when I had an attacks and he would bring me out of them. There’s are many activities that are considered spiritually harmless by our Christian culture, but they aren’t!

    What I really appreciated hearing was the freedom in the guidelines that Christ sets out in the Bible. I never thought of these laws in such a way!

    Be blessed! We will be praying for you 🙏

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