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In Chat GPT We Trust?: Ethical Implications of Artificial Creativity

We've talked about Artificial Intelligence before on the AC Podcast, highlighting it's growing influence on our culture. In many of those conversations however there was some form of parameters that would limit the average person from ever using it, be it opportunity or finance. But as of November 2022 a new search engine platform CHAT GPT has been unveiled and taken the AI world to new heights... or perhaps depths. From social media marketing plans to the ability to write an entire scholastic paper, the possibility are.. seemingly endless. Tune into the AC Podcast as Troy and Wes share their thoughts on essentially the new Ask Jeeves on steroids.

Chat GPT Cracks the Human Code

1 thought on “In Chat GPT We Trust?: Ethical Implications of Artificial Creativity”

  1. Wille Brimacombe

    Love the search history. I noticed.
    I missed the AC event at north view, life’s so busy with 4 young kids and a newish building. I’ve met Troy before he joined AC and have been feeling the pull to go to an event or at least see you guys. I’ve been listing to the podcast for a while (love it) but my ear buds broke and feeling like I’m missing out last couple weeks.
    Look forward to hearing your podcast and always staying sharp

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