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Kiri Jane Erb

Soul Edge Ministries

Having been Co-Leader of Soul Edge Ministries (Canada) for over a decade, and Director of Teaching and Theology, Kiri has had the privilege of investing into hundreds of young Christian leaders, equipping them for resilient church leadership. With a multidisciplinary approach to apologetics, she is passionate about the clarity, beauty and relevance of the Gospel message gaining traction in human hearts-not in spite of, but in relation to the lived human experience. Her upcoming novel Love, War and the Mess In Between carries this same heartbeat, nestled in historical fiction.

Kiri has earned her MA Systematic and Philosophical Theology at the University of Nottingham, as well as a BA in Politics and International Relations (Nottingham and McGill). As well as teaching and training for Soul Edge Ministries, Kiri is delighted to invest at a wide range of levels, from academic training institutes to the high school classroom. Passionate about the next generation and equipped with a BC teaching certificate, the latter is specifically exciting; Kiri has had the joy of developing and delivering curriculum for both Bible and introductory apologetics courses at critical developmental stages.

Kiri is also wife to Josh and mom to three rapidly growing children, currently between the ages of 7-12.


Specialty: Introductory Courses; Trauma, Evil, Suffering, and the Gospel; Philosophical Theology, Modern History and Theology

What is the Gospel Really About?

Apologetics 101

Why Apologetics is Needed in Youth Ministry

Sharing your Faith

What is a Thought Leader?

Why Trust the Bible?

The Power of the Incarnation

The Tabernacle
Understanding the Old Testament

Romans to Revelation

Law and Grace

Evil and Suffering

Morality and the Old Testament?

Trauma and the Gospel (Adults)

Mental Health & the Christian Faith (All ages)

Art, Faith & Paradox

What is Truth?

Faith and Reason

The Power of Creativity

20th Century History as a Foil to Share the Gospel

Social Justice; Critical Race Theory?
Theological Anthropology

Philosophical Theology

Radical Orthodoxy

The Theology of John Milbank

Kierkegaard, Heidegger, Nietzsche et. al


Christian Existentialism?

La Nouvelle Theology

The Theology of Michel Henry

Rhythm and Ontology - Erich Przywara et. al

Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Camus et. al



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