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Paul Chamberlain, PhD

Dr. Paul Chamberlain is a professor of ethics, philosophy of religion, leadership and Christian Apologetics at TWU. He is an effective communicator both in and out of the classroom. His humorous, down-to-earth manner appeals to a wide variety of people. Drawing from the media and using a professional power point presentation, his seminars are both interesting and relevant. Dr. Chamberlain has appeared on numerous radio and television talk shows, debated on university campuses, and is a frequent guest speaker at public functions. He is the author of five books: Can We be Good Without God, Final Wishes, How To Talk About Good and Bad Without Getting Ugly: A Guide to Moral Persuasion, Why People Don’t Believe: Confronting Seven Challenges to Christian Faith, and Why People Stop Believing, as well as a number of articles addressing current social and moral issues. He is also the coeditor of Everyday Apologetics. He enjoys outdoor activities such as riding his motorcycle, swimming, camping, and doing most anything outside with his family.

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