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Why the Church? A Testimony of New Believers

If you asked the average Believer if they believe the church is essential to Christian life, most if not all would say yes! They may point you to where scripture reminds us not to forsake the gathering of the saints, but why? Why do we need the church? On this week's episode Andy sits down with new Christians Nathan and Juniper and asks the question, "Why the Church?"

1 thought on “Why the Church? A Testimony of New Believers”

  1. Why the Curch pod encouraged me to seek to understand how new and strange somr of this community of Christ in the church is new to young and new believers.It helps me to see through the hesitant hungry eyes of seekers and new believers.Its unifying ,melding us together in mutual love of Jesus and learning what authentic love for each othercan look like for us and those that dont get it yet.We all have apart to play.I feel enpowered in a nwer way ,having listwned to this.I wont just walk away.I prayerful contemplate what this stirs in me of as older believer …not colder

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