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Lowkey Racism

February is a month popularized by celebrating Black History Month. As such, we decided it would be appropriate to have an episode discussing the complexities of racism. From the portrayal of diversity in antiquity to modern jokes based on cultural identifiers, the need for gentleness can't be understated. In this week's episode the podcast team of Troy, Andy Steve and Wes seek to look at the biblical grounding for diversity while sharing their experiences with race.

1 thought on “Lowkey Racism”

  1. Thanks for covering the issue of racism in your most recent podcast! I’ve found great value in the AC material discussing racism. One thing that is missing from the conversation however, is the theory of racelessness. It’s not a colour blind approach but something I think we should be working toward in order to seperate what is racism, what is cultural oppression. Have a look at the work done by Dr. Sheila Mason who has posited the notion of racelessness. Under God, there is only one race, the human race.

    Thanks for all you do!



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