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Defund the Morality Police

In discussing morality, one question that often arises is whether the application of said morality is subjective or objective. Also, the foundation of that ...
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Reflecting on the Monarchy

The UK and the British Commonwealth officially said goodbye to the Queen Elizabeth II this week as her funeral was held. From mourning to ...
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Can You Lose Your Salvation? Part II

This week, the AC team continues the conversation on the issue of whether people can lose their salvation once they have received it. As ...
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Can You Lose Your Salvation? Part I

Apostasy. That's a relatively unfamiliar word for most people. Yet, the concept is a familiar one to most Christians, particularly Protestants. Once saved, can ...
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6 Myths We Might Believe About Christianity

Often, what we think is a matter of common sense turns out to be false. All of us probably hold to ideas that we ...
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Green Greed: The Rise of Extreme Environmentalism

The fight for the environment is taking on greater and greater priority for many government agencies. But can we go too far in protecting ...
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Did God Really Say…?: Addressing Questions of Biblical Inspiration

AC PODCAST Did God Really Say…?: Addressing Questions of Biblical Inspiration Inspiration of Scripture - the idea that God breathed out Scripture through human ...
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MAiD in Canada: The Legal and Social Pressure of Assisted Suicide

It used to be that death was not an acceptable outcome of a medical procedure. Well, no more. The legal and social development in ...
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Deception! The Craft of Satan

Deception, an aspect of the Fall of Man, receives comparatively little attention, yet it has the potential to exercise one of the most far-reaching ...
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The Divided Logic of LGBTQ+

"A house divided against itself, cannot stand." This has become the reality for the LGBTQ+ community as of late. So much so, that even ...
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Reflecting on the Global Church

Recently, Andy returned from a trip to Romania. From the World Congress, to local churches, and even to a radio station, he had some ...
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Love God, Love People: Celebrating 400 Episodes

This is a special week for Apologetics Canada. The AC Podcast celebrates its 400th episode! From its humble beginning as "something to try out" ...
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