The Apologetics Canada Podcast helps churches understand and speak the language of our culture and address questions being asked with intellectual honesty, gentleness and respect. We also offer a podcast for kids.


What’s In a Name: The Use of Labels in Church Culture.

What are some words you would use to label yourself? An Arminian Japanese engineer? A likeable Sudanese Sufi Muslim? There are a myriad of ...
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The Right Conclusion, the Right Way: Exploring 6 Bible Verses We Thought We Knew

The Bible is a big library of books. Naturally, people take certain memorable passages or verses for easy access. "For I know the plans ...
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Real Housewives of AC: The Mother’s Day Takeover

It's the Mother's Day takeover! For the first time AC hosts got the opportunity to hand the reins of the AC Podcast over to ...
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Who’s the Real VIP? When Worship Hits the Marketplace

It's no secret that the Christian Music industry has grown to heights and levels that rival the modern industry. Yet, it has to be ...
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When Medicine Meets Metaphysics: An Interview with Raphael Samuel, M.D.

Most, if not all, deliberate human activity gets filtered through the lens of some worldview. What has metaphysics got to do with medicine? As ...
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Reduce, Reuse, Ridiculous?

"Why should I care about the environment?" Asked this question, most people would say, "because we need to save the planet for future generations." ...
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California Breakaway: Reimagining Evangelism For Todays Youth

The pandemic has seen many Christian events and programs shut down, causing many to rethink their methods of evangelism. One initiative of Youth For ...
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Cancel Culture: Being Gracious in a Shaming Society

It's no secret to anyone that cancel culture has dug its fingers into society. The truth is, no one is safe from its impact, ...
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Invaded: A Ukrainian Christian Perspective Part 2

We have watched from afar as the Russian military have continued to invade Ukraine for the last month. It can be difficult to know ...
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Journey of the Cross: Where Art and History Connect

"Crossings: A Journey to Easter" is an all-outdoor art exhibition featuring 16 art pieces depicting the scriptural stations of the cross. Set at sites ...
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1984 with Dr. Scott Masson

Are we headed towards a totalitarian dystopia? George Orwell's work, 1984, has been gaining more attention in recent days. Some think we are getting ...
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AC in the Classroom: How to Love Well, When We Disagree

How do we love well, when we disagree? Can we honour people while maintaining difference of opinion? Join Troy and Miss MacKenzie in the ...
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