In discussing the historical Adam and Eve, the discussion on evolution can't be missed. How might a scientist specializing in the area of genetics look at this issue? For this second instalment of our three-part series on historical Adam and Eve, Andy and Terry sat down with Dennis Venema, professor of biology from Trinity Western University, to talk about evolution, evolutionary creationism, and how these might fit within a Christian worldview concerning historical Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve and the Human Genome: An Interview with Dennis Venema

Links & Articles

BioLogos website

Adam and the Genome: Reading Scripture after Genetic Science by Dennis Venema

Adam and the Genome and Citation Bluffing from Evolution News

Podcast transcript from Focus on Adam and Eve from Reasonable Faith

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5 thoughts on “Adam and Eve and the Human Genome: An Interview with Dennis Venema”

  1. Just wondering where the Flood would factor into the population models? Would that not bring the population at the time down to 2 or almost 2 obviously Noah’s family took mates from a different gene pool.

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  3. Dennis Venema also has a number of full-length lectures on the YouTube channel of the Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation:

    “Human Origins & the Species Problem” (in which he addresses some of Swamidass & Bugg’s objections)

    “Adam & the Genome” – Full length Book Launch event, with lectures from Venema & Scot McKnight

    “Surveying the Origins Landscape” – In which Venema discusses a number of different views on origins.

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