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Celebrating 500 Episodes!

This is a special week in the life of AC. This week marks the 500th episode of the AC Podcast! From three guys huddled around a single mic, to reaching thousands of people, a lot has happened in the last 10 years of running the show. Join us for this special edition of the AC Podcast as we celebrate this milestone. Not only will you hear from "The Quad," but you will also hear from podcast fans! Special thanks to Gina Jacklin, Maria Klassen, Brett Smith and Tyler Postma for their contributions in celebrating this milestone.

*Below are some of the episodes referenced in our episode and have been mentioned as favourites, by our listeners!:

13 Reasons Why: Let’s Talk
(We talked about the show 13 Reasons in this episode, but we open with Brett Smith as “Stephen Hawking.”)

An Interview with “Stephen Hawking”
(This is the blooper edit from the opening segment of the previous episode.)

The Coconut Dilemma: Why the Media Has Lost Our Trust
(Referenced by Maria Klassen)

Can You Lose Your Salvation? - Part 1

Can You Lose Your Salvation? - Part 2
(One of our most popular series)

The Freedom Convoy
(One of our most popular episodes during Covid)

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