Can You Lose Your Salvation? Part I

Apostasy. That’s a relatively unfamiliar word for most people. Yet, the concept is a familiar one to most Christians, particularly Protestants. Once saved, can you lose your salvation? Not only does this question touch on many points of Christian doctrine, it’s also one that is deeply emotional for many Christians. Much theological and philosophical ink has been spilled over this issue and many heated debates have been had. Andy, Wes, Troy, and Steve sat down to hash out their own disagreements in this two-part episode.

3 thoughts on “Can You Lose Your Salvation? Part I”

  1. Just finished listening to your latest podcast “Can You lose your salvation? Part 1”. I’m an Armenian Christian who has been challenged by a friend to investigate Universalism. I find it to be very appealing and it not only has a lot of support in the Bible, but it makes a lot of sense. There’s lots of talk about Augustinian and Armenian views, but not Universalism. Why is it that Protestantism always seem to brush it off without an ounce of consideration? It’s almost like we’re trying to hide something. Would you guys mind having some discussion about it?

    1. Hi Byron,

      Thank you for reaching out and sharing your thoughts. It’s true that universalism is typically not a serious contender in the mind of most Christians when it comes to talking about salvation. I’m not sure anyone is trying to hide it, though I can understand the sentiment because it’s so rarely talked about. I’ll run this by the team, and, though we can’t tell you exactly when it’ll be, we’ll probably address it at some point.


      1. Thanks for your reply Steve. Wow! Just finished listening to “Will everyone be saved? Part 1” and, really appreciate the discussion. Clearly you’ve done your homework. Can’t wait for Part 2. I struggle with which of the Augustinian, Armenian, or Universalism views are true, and this podcast has been helpful. Much appreciate being heard.

        Now you really are my number one podcast.

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