The Freedom Convoy

It's often said that perception is everything; but what happens when the "powers that be" seemingly misuse their abilities for the sake of hijacking a narrative? Who do we trust? This past month Canada has seen a nationwide convoy of a so-called "fringe minority" lead by many of the nations truckers. Uniting in protest, their actions would see them travel right to the doorstep of Canadian democracy that is the Parliament Building in Ottawa. Join Andy, Wes, Steve and Troy as they share their thoughts on one of the most monumental showings of Canadian solidarity in years.

Intro Music Credits: "East Bound And Down" By Dick Feller and Jerry Reed. Sung by Jerry Reed

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1 thought on “The Freedom Convoy”

  1. I appreciate your critique of news media and the dangers of government over reach. I understand that AC is not an political organization, but I do think that part of any apologetic also involves addressing the idolatries that dominate our culture and that are also seeping into the church. In “secular” culture, freedom has been a growing in importance–from a good thing, to an ultimate thing. We abort babies in the name of freedom, we must be free to bear all manner of firearms in the name of freedom. Rememberance/Vetrans Day has become a celebration of Freedom. Sporting events involve liturgies of Freedom. Even your comments seemed to presuppose the primacy of freedom. (

    So then comes Covid and government restrictions. There are many conversations that Christians need to have about all kinds of things in our culture, but we should not start these conversations as if Freedom we the Lord of our Life–that’s the world.

    In almost every issue–all the ones that have become politicized–I am stuck in between. This is the way it should be for Christians. There are a lot of good things. The only ultimate thing is our King, and those made in his Image.

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