"Boys will be boys." This phrase, when used as a way to excuse poor behaviour from men, betrays a much deeper social problem. Following a string of relatively recent episodes of corporate social activism, Gillette came out with a commercial addressing toxic masculinity, inciting strong reactions both for and against said commercial. Andy, Terry, and Steve invite a friend of the show to talk about it in today's edition of the AC Podcast.

Toxic Masculinity

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by Amick Cutler

3 thoughts on “Toxic Masculinity”

  1. Thank you for your podcast on toxic masculinity. As usual, you guys are timely and relevant, helping me to wrestle with the war on men by offering a balanced and healthy Christian perspective.

  2. Hey! Thanks for your thought-provoking analysis. Not to be disrespectful, but do you think it’s a bit ironic that whether or not masculinity is “toxic” is being discussed here by 3 men? It might not be possible, but perhaps Apologetics Canada could offer up another podcast on the Gillette ad where it gets discussed by 3 women, from a Christian/Biblical perspective.

    Three women might arrive at the exact same conclusions the three of you arrived at, but then again they might not. It could make for an interesting contrast!

    Anyhow, no disrespect to the perspectives of you three gentlemen. I appreciated hearing what you had to say. God bless and have a good week ahead!

    1. Hi, James!

      Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness. Yes, I see what you are saying. Even if arguments are not gendered, it would be interesting to get a feminine perspective on anything connected to sexism. On that note, you might be interested in checking out the episode entitled “Hollywood’s Hypocrisy: An Interview with #metoo” (https://www.apologeticscanada.com/2017/10/26/hollywoods-hypocrisy-interview-metoo/). On that episode, we interviewed a female counsellor on this issue – it was a fascinating conversation!

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