It is said, "If you think you are perfect, there is only one hope for you - get married." When two sinners try to live with each other, you are bound to experience trouble. Now, how many of us think of the spiritual reality behind the problems in our marriage? How many books have you seen that addresses that dimension? Today, Andy and Terry invite Dr. Tim Muehlhoff to discuss his latest book, Defending Your Marriage: The Reality of Spiritual Battle, that fills this glaring gap.

Defending Your Marriage: The Reality of Spiritual Battle

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1 thought on “Defending Your Marriage: The Reality of Spiritual Battle”

  1. Thanks so much for this podcast- it has really reminded me that I need to guard against attack. One thing I’m wondering where the idea that the devil can put thoughts in your mind comes from – is there an example in the Bible? I have been told this before but I am having a hard time finding examples in my bible

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