Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds in our time. It is advancing so far, in fact, as to throw into question what it means to be human. We are struggling in our thinking to keep up with the pace at which technology is advancing. Today, the AC crew addresses the question of artificial intelligence and how it connects with the question of personhood.

Artificial Intelligence: What is It?

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Amped Adapter by Marc Robillard

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Synthetic Regrets
by Jamie Bathgate

2 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence: What is It?”

  1. Thank your for producing another thoughtful and enlightening episode. Listening to discussions and reading about AI unsettles me because of the potential for both narrow and general AI to radically reshape society. The threat to human work and by extension our redundancy is one of many frightening consequences of this tech. It brings to mind the current main story arc in season 2 of Star Trek discovery which revolves around the Federation’s battle to stop its creation Control AI from accessing data that will enable it to achieve singularity. Thanks again from Australia.

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