If the Flat Earth Society (with "members from around the globe!") were to host an event discussing astrophysics, would you attend it? Likely, virtually everyone would answer, "No." This is because of what's known as the plausibility structure in our minds. That is to say, what do we think is within the realm of the possible? The flat earth hypothesis seems so far-fetched that we wouldn't even entertain the idea of attending aforementioned event. What is the place of Christian truth claims in our society today, a society that is disenchanted and perceives everything to be mundane? Andy and Terry invited Dr. Paul Gould to explore this topic on today's edition of the AC Podcast.

Re-Engaging the Imagination of the Disenchanted: An Interview with Dr. Paul M. Gould

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Amped Adapter by Marc Robillard

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Illuminating Moonlight by Cody Martin

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