Correct Concerns, Incorrect History

Francis Chan, a household name pastor for Protestant Evangelicals, stirred a small controversy on social media among some Christians when, in a YouTube video clip, he was seen to make some comments about Protestant churches that many think are incorrect. In today's edition of the AC Podcast, Wesley and Steve come together to discuss this beloved brother in Christ. What are some concerns he is raising? What did he get right and not so right? What can we learn from this? Here is our take.

Correct Concerns, Incorrect History

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1 thought on “Correct Concerns, Incorrect History”

  1. Kerry McCracken

    I didn’t like the Pentacostal church I attend with my hubby says communion is just a symbol. Then why do it? Why discern your conscience before taking it? I haven’t gone to mass for over a year because of what I see as heresy. But have a hard time with these casual protestant chuches. They just don’t seem reverential. The music seems like a bad rock concert.

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