Infect Me: The Ethics of Testing the COVID-19 Vaccine

Would you be intentionally given the COVID-19 virus? That's what some 14,000 people have signed up to do. As various organizations scramble to create a vaccine, human trials are needed and people are stepping up to be exposed to the virus on purpose. There's a lot of discussions taking place on the ethics of this kind of vaccine testing. Andy and Steve throw in their two cents on this week's edition of the AC Podcast.

Infect Me: The Ethics of Testing the COVID-19 Vaccine

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2 thoughts on “Infect Me: The Ethics of Testing the COVID-19 Vaccine”

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  2. This is another side of this that has come to light amid the Pandemic. That is that people are seeing permanent damage to lungs and other organs after recovering from COVID 19. So how would that factor into the moran implications of vaccine testing? Also, there is the implication of not having a vaccine at all. Do we just hope for herd immunity and let the Steve Kims and even more severely compromised people just die? We would have a stronger herd after all if the week and sick were dead. Dark I know an not at all a biblical view in my opinion but that is what we are facing without a vaccine.

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