Living in Astroworld: The Importance of Accountability in Leadership


On Friday November 5th, Rapper Travis Scott took the stage at his annual festival Astroworld. The festival was put on by Scotts label, "Cactus Jack" in partnership with renowned Live Entertainment company, Live Nation. Due to what many are calling negligence at the highest level, mixed with Travis' historical incitement of moshing or "raging", the festival scenes lead to the death of 9 guests and over 100 injured. In addition to lives lost, Travis Scott, Live Nation and others are facing numerous lawsuits and potential criminal charges. This tragedy has lead to many questioning whether or not this was preventable or if it was a ticking time bomb. As well as who does the blame fall to in a multi layered laps in organization. Listen to this weeks episode as our hosts Steve Kim and Troy Lydiate discuss the importance of accountability, leadership and integrity in lieu of these traumatic events.

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