Why Bother with God if I’m Happy?: An Interview with Max Jeganathan

It's a question asked by many who have either walked away from the Christian faith, or those who have never claimed it. There's no denying that much of what people desire in this life is to live comfortably, have fun and potentially leave a mark after they are gone. When someone claims to be happy, do they mean it? If so, by what scale do they determine as to when they are happy enough? On this episode Andy sits down with new AC Adjunct Speaker, Max Jeganathan of Thinking Faith Asia; as they challenge what people really mean when they say they are happy, and why that's still not enough.

Max Jeganathan Bio: https://www.thinkingfaith.asia/max-jeganathan-bio

Thinking Faith Asia: https://www.thinkingfaith.asia/

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