Re-judging Roe vs Wade: An Interview with a Pro-Life Lawyer

Is America turning more pro-life? The majority opinion draft of the ruling on Roe v Wade shows that SCOTUS is set to overturn this infamous 1973 ruling that legalized abortion across all 50 states. The impact of this upcoming decision can be felt across the border in the Great White North. There was a short but intense period of Canadian media being abuzz with the talk of abortion. Why is this such a big deal? Steve and Wes invited Tabitha Ewert of We Need a Law to chat about the significance of this very sensitive cultural nerve point.

We Need a Law, Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform, The Case for Life

1 thought on “Re-judging Roe vs Wade: An Interview with a Pro-Life Lawyer”

  1. Richard Kalmbach

    Any way we turn these days we hear lamenting the fact that the country is “so divided” and it’s all about the issues surrounding abortion. So, what do we normally do when we have conflicting views on matters of vital importance? We get together and talk as the first basic step! But we can’t even make this first move. I’m sure it’s fair to say that pro-lifers are always ready and happy to talk. But where are the defenders of pro-choice? Can we not have an objective non-adversarial conversation? From what I’ve seen pro-lifers usually just ask questions; whereas pro-choice advocates quickly get angry and even hostile; and we can only conclude it is because they know they have no sound answer to the primary question of when does human life begin. Why are there so many unwanted pregnancies? Isn’t it because we want unhindered access to orgasms without any consequences? We Christians know that the real solution is the changing of the hearts of the people and only God almighty can do that.

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