The Divided Logic of LGBTQ+

"A house divided against itself, cannot stand." This has become the reality for the LGBTQ+ community as of late. So much so, that even leading activists are hesitant to comment on how dire of a situation they find themselves. It goes without saying that the logical disagreements on gender identity speak to the much deeper issues of our human identity. Join Andy, Troy and Wes as they discuss the logical implications this debate is having on our increasingly polarized world.

How Splits Are Emerging in LGBT Movement Over Gender Issues

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1 thought on “The Divided Logic of LGBTQ+”

  1. Hey guys! Longtime listener and I always enjoy the Friday drops, cheers!

    I think it’s important to exercise a bit more humility here. I totally appreciate how LGBTQIA+ ideology is something Christians often find to be insidious and worthy of criticism. However I think the whole notion of legitimizing their existence because of infighting within the community is naive and lacks a bit of self-awareness from both a human and Christian perspective. You’re right in saying “logical disagreements on gender identity speak to the much deeper issues of our human identity” because disagreement is just simply part of being a human in social life. Obviously no one would say Canada has “divided logic” because there are multiple political parties or not everyone agrees if pineapple should be on a pizza. Moreover, we ourselves are the product of heretics critiquing the Catholic church from within (Luther was a minister!). The protestant church as it exists now could certainly be considered “a house divided against itself” given how much infighting, criticism, disagreement, hurt of our neighbour has existed since its inception and you probably wouldn’t say our situation is “dire.” Therefore I think it would be more intellectually honest to simply criticize the LGBTQ community because you think it’s axiomatically sinful. Thanks for reading, I’m sure you get a lot of push back on these podcasts which must be tough to sift through but there’s my two cents.

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