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Gay Stripper Saved by Jesus: An Interview with Samuel Perez

One of the most controversial topics in culture today, is that of gender and sexuality. The church for a long period of time has received backlash for their attempts to uphold believed biblical approaches to the subject. Even the best of times, these conversations, though tense, can not be shied away from if we truly desire to love God and love people. On today's episode Andy sits down with special guest, Samuel Perez, a formerly gay man who in the midst of his career as a nightclub dancer, found Jesus in the midst of his search for identity and belonging. Hear on this week's episode a true story of a prodigal son, coming home.

Samuel Perez Testimony

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1 thought on “Gay Stripper Saved by Jesus: An Interview with Samuel Perez”

  1. Perez’s story is a sad and troubling one and one that is all too common. He grew up with the message that “if you were gay you were going to go to hell”, which traumatized him and forced him to keep a secret for a long time. In other words he had to suppress his own self! He was afraid to tell his parents and when he did he was “forced ” to go to “ex-gay ministries” . He was sad, super-depressed, didn’t feel loved for WHO HE WAS, isolated and cried every day. Being homeschooled he was separated from his friends and became heavily addicted to his computer. He received no guidance, support or affirmation and became an extremely vulnerable gay young man.
    His story is a wake up call about all that is injurious to a person’s identity, creates psychological trauma, and then vulnerability to poor lifestyle choices. Spiritual, emotional, and psychological abuses need to be addressed to help prevent other young people from suffering like Perez did .
    Perez needed to be affirmed and supported positively as a young gay boy . Our identity involves our sexuality. For a gay person to be threatened with going to hell for living out his/her identity which includes sexuality, in a God honouring way is wrong.
    It may be worth watching a TED talk with Noah Mitchell called “Black, Gay and Christian: Creating Affirming Spaces” alongside Perez’ video to gain perspective and an “open atmosphere ” .

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