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Reacting to Mark Driscoll: How to Blow Up a Conference

In the realm of Christian figures, few have stirred as much controversy in recent years as Mark Driscoll. Amid the echoes of the podcast "The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill," the rock-and-roll preacher once again finds himself at the epicenter of Christian discourse. Recently, as a guest speaker at one of the nation's largest Christian men's conferences, Driscoll sparked uproar by beginning his talk with a rebuke for opening the men's conference with a chest baring, male acrobat. This public disagreement led to a remarkable moment as Driscoll was escorted off stage by the event's host pastor, John Lindell. The fallout has left the Christian community divided, with opinions split on whether Driscoll or Pastor Lindell handled this correctly. Join us in this week's episode as Troy, Andy, and Wes delve into their perspectives on the incident.

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1 thought on “Reacting to Mark Driscoll: How to Blow Up a Conference”

  1. If Driscoll knew what to expect then yes he should have discussed it privately with Lindell. I don’t know how he would have known in advance unless he watched a rehearsal. If he did not however know in advance then I support him completely. I don’t think he should have apologized unless he did know in advance and said nothing when he had the opportunity.
    My personal opinion that this performance was completely inappropriate for a Christian men’s conference and if I had flown from elsewhere, rented a car, paid for a hotel and paid a fee to attend I would have been disgusted and walked out and written a letter of rebuke to Mr. Lindell.

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