6 Myths We Might Believe About Christianity

Often, what we think is a matter of common sense turns out to be false. All of us probably hold to ideas that we would begin with “Everyone knows…” that are just not true. This week’s edition of the AC Podcast features Wes and Steve talking about some things we might believe about Christianity that are either completely wrong or greatly exaggerated.

Green Greed: The Rise of Extreme Environmentalism

The fight for the environment is taking on greater and greater priority for many government agencies. But can we go too far in protecting the environment? Now, farmers are saying it’s led to irrational measures. Join Andy, Steve and Troy as they discuss the implications of extreme environmentalism and what the Christian worldview has to say about the role of humanity in it all.

MAiD in Canada: The Legal and Social Pressure of Assisted Suicide

It used to be that death was not an acceptable outcome of a medical procedure. Well, no more. The legal and social development in Canada in the last several years has opened the door to assisted suicide and euthanasia. When death is an acceptable outcome of a medical procedure, how does it impact both medical professionals and those who are on the receiving end of the needle? Andy and Steve invited Larry Worthen, the Executive Director for the Christian Medical and Dental Association in Canada, to discuss the legal and social aspect of this discussion.

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