MAiD and the Mental Health Crisis: An Update

By now you have at least heard about Medical Assistance In Dying, otherwise known as MAiD. What you might not know is that MAiD safeguards have been quickly removed in Canada. Despite the best efforts of those in opposition, it appears we are set for new legislation in March that will expand access to MAiD to those suffering with mental illness. This has many of us concerned for these vulnerable people in our society. On this week’s episode Andy sits down with David Guretzki PhD, President of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) to give us an update on MAiD and what we can do about it.

Deep in the Heart of ETS

“The stars at night, are big and bright… deep in the heart of… ETS….in Texas!” The Evangelical Theological Society is a professional academic society of biblical and theological scholars, pastors, and students. Sound intense? It is! On this week’s episode Andy, Troy and Wes hang out with a few friends while attending this years annual conference in San Antonio, Texas. Why is there such a challenge with the head meeting the heart? Listen as they recount moments of inspiration as well as moments that called for intellectual humility.

Speaking in Tongues: A Christian’s Claim to Flame – Part II

When it comes to spiritual conversations in the church, there are few practices that bring up more discussion than speaking in tongues. What is it? Has the gift of tongues ceased or continued? How should it be practiced? Does speaking in tongues have salvific concern? Listen to Part 2 this week as Andy, Troy and Wes continue the discussion of tongues from their own personal experiences, and dive into some of the historical relevance and understanding of tongues in the ancient world.

Speaking in Tongues: A Christian’s Claim to Flame – Part I

When it comes to spiritual conversations in the church, there are few practices that appear to bring up the most … noise than that of speaking in tongues. Do tongues bring up a salvific concern, or is there nuance? Listen to Part 1 of two this week as Andy, Troy and Wes discuss their own personal experiences, unpack some of the nuance and even begin to address what appears to be the contextual understanding of tongues in the ancient times.

Good Ground, Good Fruit

One of Jesus’ well known parables is the parable of the sewer, the idea that good soil, creates a conducive environment for good seed to grow and flourish. On this week’s episode the full team sits down as Troy asks them to recount their time as students. From degrees to PhD’s, what does it take to be good ground in order that you might produce good fruit.

Why the Church? A Testimony of New Believers

If you asked the average Believer if they believe the church is essential to Christian life, most if not all would say yes! They may point you to where scripture reminds us not to forsake the gathering of the saints, but why? Why do we need the church? On this week’s episode Andy sits down with new Christians Nathan and Juniper and asks the question, “Why the Church?”

The Toxic War on Masculinity: An Interview with Nancy Pearcey

Why can’t we hate men? That was the title of a 2018 Washington Post opinion piece written by Suzanna Danuta Walters, a sociologist at Northeastern University. Written in the wake of the MeToo movement, this piece offers a scathing criticism of men. The term “toxic masculinity” is familiar to most people by now, and this is increasingly becoming the default view of masculinity. Where does the concept of toxic masculinity come from? Does Christianity make a difference? Steve sat down with Professor Nancy Pearcey to discuss her most recent book, The Toxic War on Masculinity, in this eye-opening episode.

What’s Going on in Israel: An Inside Perspective

If you’ve been paying even casual attention to your news feeds you’ll have seen a lot of chaos and turmoil going on in the Middle East. The recent attacks in Israel and the response in reply against Hamas could very understandably be leaving you wondering what is going on. On today’s episode Wes Huff sat down with Avner Boskey, a Jewish Canadian Christian currently living and ministering in Israel, to give some background and help us understand both what is going on currently as well as how we can respond as Christians. Avner’s knowledge, personal experience, and heart for the gospel are clear and evident in this week’s episode. We hope Avner’s words will both educate and encourage you in navigating through the ongoing upheaval in currently in Israel and Palestine.

If God is Good, Why…?

On this week’s episode of the AC Podcast, Troy pulls in Andy and Wes to answer a series of questions Troy received via a friend. Why does God allow evil? Why hell? While these questions are not new apologetic topics it’s important to revisit them due to how frequently they’re brought up — both by Christians and non Christians alike.Tune into this week’s episode to hear the AC team’s responses.

Gospel Identity: A Story of TRANSformation with Kyla Gillespie

In today’s society, the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment often hinges on crafting our sexual identity. But what happens when this promise falls short? Join us as we delve into Kyla’s transformative journey, challenging the contemporary narrative. Moving from a transgender identity to finding profound transformation through the gospel, her story illuminates the power of anchoring one’s identity in Jesus and His church.

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